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Neighbors cat spraying my house, help! - Winnipeg's Pet Community

About Neighbors cat spraying my house, help!

Previous Entry Neighbors cat spraying my house, help! Feb. 11th, 2009 @ 10:50 am Next Entry
X-posted to the winnipeg community (which was prolly not a good idea... oops)

I have a cat in my neighborhood. I think it belongs to my neighbor, but i'm not positive. It's been tearing up my garbage for some time (which i can fix by putting my garbage in cans obviously and am willing to do) but now it's spraying on my front steps... Which can't be fixed by something as obviously easy as putting garbage in a can.

Like I said, I THINK it's my neighbors cat since she lets her other cats out, and i've always assumed it was one of hers since it's always in her yard and my husband plans on going over today and asking her if it's hers. It is possible it's just always there because her cats are always there.

If it is, he's going to let her know that either she keeps it indoors, or we're gonna be trapping it. And if not, he'll prolly just let her know we're gonna put out cat traps. Maybe she'll keep her cats inside then anyways and thats two less cats i have to worry about.

I've filed complaints with the city about the garbage shredding, which i know for sure is the other cats as well, but nothing came of it. My main reason for the first complaint was because I was hoping she would be kind her her cats and not have them out all night when it was -35... Of course, the city won't take that as a complaint, so it came down to garbage shredding. Nothing has happened.

The city is saying they MIGHT come and pick up the cat IF i buy a trap and trap it myself, but again, i'd have to file another complaint, and again, i might hear back about it. But i'm not holding much hope after the first 2 were never responded to and having no vehicle and a small son, i can't easily take the cat to the Human Society myself, but it might come down to that anyways.

Anyone know something I can put on my front steps to a> clean away the stench, and B> maybe keep him from doing it again until i figure out a more perminent solution? The stuff i'm finding online either sound like they would make the problem worse (fox urine???) or harm the cat. There are lots of cat savy people here, someone has to have an idea.

Anyone know of anywhere that won't charge and arm and a leg to catch, or pick up a cat? Anyone rented a trap? Where and how much did it cost?

I think he's spraying because it's "That time of the year." I have two (spayed) females cats of my own, but they are indoor cats.
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Date:February 12th, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
I've used cayenne pepper in my garden to deter outdoor cats from using it as their litter box. I suppose it's possible that it may work if you spread some cayenne pepper in the area where the cat is spraying. Are your neighbour's cats spayed/neutered? If not (and a spraying male may very well not be neutered), that's actually illegal, so you could report them for that and see if you get a response from the authorities on that count.
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Date:February 12th, 2009 07:42 pm (UTC)
i heard Cayenne pepper was dangerous for cats, but i don't know if it's true or not.

I have a feeling this cat is not neutered (altho neutered male cats do sometimes keep spraying, it depends partly i think, on the age that they were neutered at) but i'm unsure if it's actually her's at this point. We've been trying to catch her at home to ask, but she's either not answering the door or not home (altho i know she doesn't work.)

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