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dog friendly areas in Winnipeg - Winnipeg's Pet Community

About dog friendly areas in Winnipeg

Previous Entry dog friendly areas in Winnipeg Jun. 29th, 2008 @ 02:59 pm Next Entry

I am doing the opposite of the previous poster. I am moving to Winnipeg in one month. I just spent a few days there to look for housing, and a very big part of this decision is to find an area and home that is good for dogs, specifically one 7-year old pyrenees x collie cross.

I have a possible option in Norwood Flat (two blocks from Lyndale Park) and another in Riverview (several blocks from Churchill Park), and possibly an options in west Crescentwood or one in east River Heights (those two houses are less appealing). Can anyone tell me if Lyndale or Churchill Park are dog-friendly places, and whether people let their pups romp off-leash in those parks? Or are there other areas where the dogs can romp off-leash near Norwood or Riverview?

I saw the city map with official off-leash parks, but they either looked tiny or, if larger, distant. I will work north of Portage so want to be as close to downtown as possible. The people I met who had dogs seemed happy to walk them on-leash or to keep them in their yards, so that was not much help. That would not go over well with my Pup. Is the city tolerant of people letting their dogs off-leash in parks that are not officially off-leash, at least during the winter when only dog-walkers are crazy enough to be outside?

I would also like to hear information or opinions on doggy day care in Winnipeg. I am aware of the place on Osborne St (by the underpass) and another up on Nairn.

Many thanks!

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Date:June 30th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
I'm not familiar with the other parks, but my work is in Assiniboine Park and I often see people having letting their dogs run off leash. I have never seen anyone get in trouble from the park police over it and as long as the dogs are well behaved and not running in front of cars I've never really heard anyone complain.

I take my dog to Kilcona Park near the north perimeter, they have a really good group there but it is pretty far from where you are looking. Another park with a friendly group is Tom Chester, it is off Grant by Charleswood Parkway
Date:July 6th, 2008 05:21 pm (UTC)

dog-friendly areas

Thanks for the tips on Winnipeg parks. I ended up getting a house in Riverview, so guess we will see how Churchill Park is for dogs, or some of the southern off-leash areas when time permits. My dog is pretty well-behaved off-leash, not so much on-leash (pulls) so hopefully we will find an appropriate place!
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