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Dog Walkers? May. 17th, 2009 @ 11:13 pm
Anyone know any good reputable dog walkers that aren't too expensive?

I broke my leg this winter and went out to the country while I was casted (dogs got to do a lot of running around out there free and clear and I had family walking them for me daily), now I'm back but still not walking (crutches and a walker all the way..) and can't take my dogs for a walk! I'm not even working right now because my job is physically demanding... I'm hoping to be up and able by the end of June.

I need to find someone who isn't too expensive but are reliable and trustworthy. Neither of my dogs are large (11 kilos and 22 kilos respectively), I found one dog walker but it'll cost me $26 an hour and I don't think I can afford those prices if I want to get them some exercise daily or even just every other day...

I have a big yard for them to run around in, but it's just not the same as taking them out for a good walk.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Ratteries in Winnipeg? Apr. 2nd, 2009 @ 01:31 pm
Hey there. I'm looking into getting a pet rat, or maybe a pair because I've heard they do best that way because they're so social. It wouldn't be until the fall, because I have a pretty busy summer ahead of me and wouldn't want to get pets just to be unable to give them the proper amount of attention. Also, then I can save up an emergency fund in case my little buddies have any health problems. That said, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to ratteries in Winnipeg? Are there any? Which are the best? My research has been saying that I shouldn't get one from a major pet store, like Petland, 'cause they aren't always careful with the lines of breeding and you can get a biter, pregnant rat, etc. Obviously I'm not saying if I got a biter I wouldn't keep it, no pet will be perfect, but if I can avoid it I'd like to. So, sorry for the convoluted post, and sorry if this has been asked before, I only just added this community today, but any good places to get a rat here? Also, I'll be getting a couple of books so I can read up on proper care and training in advance as well, any recommendations? Thanks for any help!

On Now & Coming soon Mar. 27th, 2009 @ 10:51 pm

Winnipeg Humane Society's Pet Photo Contest
The Calendar Contest is in full gear, have your pictures in by April 30th for a chance to see your pet in their 2010 Calendar.
More details here www.winnipeghumanesociety.ca/special_Events/pet_Photo_Contest.php

WHS's Paws In Motion - June 28th
Their biggest fundraiser so come on out! www.winnipeghumanesociety.ca/special_Events/paws_In_Motion.php

Manitoba Reptile Breeder's Expo
Sunday, July 12th
Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St. Matthews Ave

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
VIP access at 9:00am

Adult admission: $5.00
Kids 12 and under: FREE
VIP passes: $10:00

Feb. 22nd, 2009 @ 09:20 am
We are moving back to Winnipeg at the end of the summer and I'm kinda interested in getting either a beagle or a basset hound, anyone know any reputable breeders that may have litters scheduled for september or october. I really dont want to go through the experience of getting a puppy from a mill and i know there are alot of thos places in the country, We bought a dalmation from a mill and had to put it down within a few months when i was pretty young. Oh and anyone who has a beagle or a basset hound in winnipeg maybe tell me how they do in the colder parts of the winter.
thanks matt
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Dog Carts Feb. 14th, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

My brother has a dachshund (a wiener dog) and he suddenly was unable to walk. The vet determined that he has IDD and will probably need a doggie wheelchair. The surgery is that has only a 50% chance of working is $10,000 and not an option as it's not done in Winnipeg and way too expensive. A dog cart is the only alt to euthnaizing him.

Are there any places in Winnipeg that make custom or generic dog carts? We need one quickly and can't wait on ordering one from the states. Even waiting for one from another province will be a pain!


Other entries
» Neighbors cat spraying my house, help!
X-posted to the winnipeg community (which was prolly not a good idea... oops)

I have a cat in my neighborhood. I think it belongs to my neighbor, but i'm not positive. It's been tearing up my garbage for some time (which i can fix by putting my garbage in cans obviously and am willing to do) but now it's spraying on my front steps... Which can't be fixed by something as obviously easy as putting garbage in a can.

Like I said, I THINK it's my neighbors cat since she lets her other cats out, and i've always assumed it was one of hers since it's always in her yard and my husband plans on going over today and asking her if it's hers. It is possible it's just always there because her cats are always there.

If it is, he's going to let her know that either she keeps it indoors, or we're gonna be trapping it. And if not, he'll prolly just let her know we're gonna put out cat traps. Maybe she'll keep her cats inside then anyways and thats two less cats i have to worry about.

I've filed complaints with the city about the garbage shredding, which i know for sure is the other cats as well, but nothing came of it. My main reason for the first complaint was because I was hoping she would be kind her her cats and not have them out all night when it was -35... Of course, the city won't take that as a complaint, so it came down to garbage shredding. Nothing has happened.

The city is saying they MIGHT come and pick up the cat IF i buy a trap and trap it myself, but again, i'd have to file another complaint, and again, i might hear back about it. But i'm not holding much hope after the first 2 were never responded to and having no vehicle and a small son, i can't easily take the cat to the Human Society myself, but it might come down to that anyways.

Anyone know something I can put on my front steps to a> clean away the stench, and B> maybe keep him from doing it again until i figure out a more perminent solution? The stuff i'm finding online either sound like they would make the problem worse (fox urine???) or harm the cat. There are lots of cat savy people here, someone has to have an idea.

Anyone know of anywhere that won't charge and arm and a leg to catch, or pick up a cat? Anyone rented a trap? Where and how much did it cost?

I think he's spraying because it's "That time of the year." I have two (spayed) females cats of my own, but they are indoor cats.
» (No Subject)
Ah, vet recommendations.

One of my cats has a few symptoms that I need to have checked out. Can someone recommend a good veterinarian who:

- Is very personable and is (obviously) good with animals
- Is... not "cheap" necessarily, but only does necessary tests and has decent rates.
- Not too far from Osborne Village, because I don't have a car (I can probably borrow one if I need to, but I don't want to hugely inconvenience the lender).
» (No Subject)
hey all, i'm brand new here so forgive me if people ask this question all the time...
i've been keeping rats as pets for years now and i'd have to say this is the first time where i don't think i can solve my problem without taking my rat, Balongna, to a vet. Forgive me if this sounds irresponsible, but it just seems like a silly concept to me to take a 10 dollar rat to the vet and pay a huge bill for it.
but i've also never had this problem before, basically i'm about 90% sure my new rat Murray, who i just got off of a friend who could no longer care for him, came with mites! he seems fine, but i'm assuming these little jerks came from him because my rat other rat whos been perfectly fine for over a year now is scratching herself raw. from what i've read online i'm not going to be able to purchase medicine for her off a shelf and will have to take her to the vet. my question here is if anyone knows of a vet in this city that has a free clinic, like once a week or something? anything i've read online was a one time thing and already happened months ago.
any info you can give me is very much appreciated, even if its just some home remedy to try. i bathe my ratties regularly and keep their cages really clean!
» Know somebody looking for a good dog?
We're giving away Butter, our Lab/Border Collie cross. He's a totally awesome dog. Great with kids and all sorts of animals, and that's why we're giving him away. We just don't have the time or the space to take care of a big dog like Butter anymore. He's kenneled for most of the day and our new house doesn't have much of a yard for him to play around in anymore. He's up to date on all his shots and heartworm medicine, and he comes with: a Giant Kennel, 2 leashes, a halti, and about 1/2 a bag of labrador specific dog food. Could use a loving home where the parents work during the day and are at home in the evenings, or a country home where he can run around outside all day long.
» dog friendly areas in Winnipeg

I am doing the opposite of the previous poster. I am moving to Winnipeg in one month. I just spent a few days there to look for housing, and a very big part of this decision is to find an area and home that is good for dogs, specifically one 7-year old pyrenees x collie cross.

I have a possible option in Norwood Flat (two blocks from Lyndale Park) and another in Riverview (several blocks from Churchill Park), and possibly an options in west Crescentwood or one in east River Heights (those two houses are less appealing). Can anyone tell me if Lyndale or Churchill Park are dog-friendly places, and whether people let their pups romp off-leash in those parks? Or are there other areas where the dogs can romp off-leash near Norwood or Riverview?

I saw the city map with official off-leash parks, but they either looked tiny or, if larger, distant. I will work north of Portage so want to be as close to downtown as possible. The people I met who had dogs seemed happy to walk them on-leash or to keep them in their yards, so that was not much help. That would not go over well with my Pup. Is the city tolerant of people letting their dogs off-leash in parks that are not officially off-leash, at least during the winter when only dog-walkers are crazy enough to be outside?

I would also like to hear information or opinions on doggy day care in Winnipeg. I am aware of the place on Osborne St (by the underpass) and another up on Nairn.

Many thanks!

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